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10 things we’re doing: equality in design

One year ago on International Women’s Day 2017, our CEO, Merle Hall, published an article,   10 Things I Know About Equality in Design    frustrated by the slow pace of change and determined to speed it up. This year, here at Kinneir Dufort, we wanted to celebrate the   10 actions (large and small) our team have achieved since last March:

1. We hosted the first  Kerning the Gap   event outside of London, promoting women in design leadership. In 2018 we’re hoping to see that roll out to a further two cities (in addition to Bristol).

2. We brought design to    The Big Bang,  our team organised and managed it brilliantly, receiving inspiring feedback from the kids they met.

3. We increased the number of female engineers in the business threefold, as part of our hiring a boatload of brilliant people.

4. We introduced enhanced maternity (and paternity) pay.

5. We asked our team what they valued through a staff survey. Answer: Flexible Working. So we celebrated    making flexible working work.

6. We went out into schools, primary and secondary, invited them to us and forged links with    Babassa ,  a youth empowerment project.

7. We researched diversity within organisations, with friends such as    Creative Equals ,  and built it into our business strategy.

8. We spoke out in the press:    Design Week – International Women’s Day   and   Design that fights sexism .

9. We created a bespoke event for    Ladies who UX .

10. We built a library of inspiration in our cafe     Top Ten Books for Women and Girls (and everyone else) .

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