We combine creative, technical and user experience expertise.


Our creative innovators and designers explore, generate and shape compelling concepts.

User experience

Our insight and design research team help understand, scope and frame the challenge. Our user experience and human factors teams define user needs and verify that we deliver solutions that work for real people.


Our engineers and prototyping team develop robust technical solutions optimised for manufacture and production.

Our clients
Our team of experts include
Ben Arlett Head of Engineering
Ben Arlett
Head of Engineering
Amanda Bell Commercial Director
Amanda Bell
Chief Operating Officer
Kerry Briggs Head of Medical
Kerry Briggs
Head of Medical
Tamsin Chambers
Head of Team Development
Kelly Dawson Head of Insights and Innovation
Kelly Dawson
Head of Insight & Innovation
A woman with dark brown hair wearing a black t shirt with a black top and gold earrings.
Merle Hall
Chief Executive Officer
A white man with light brown hair smiling and wearing a light blue shirt
James Holmes
Head of Electronics & Software
A white woman smiling with brown curly hair and brown eyes
Tina Madeiros
Head of Human Factors
Man with glasses and beard stood against a colourful graffiti wall
Niall McRiner
Head of Design
Sunny Panesar
Head of Portfolio Management
Sam Reeves
Head of Delivery
Paul Richardson
Head of Digital
Headshot of Ben Webb, Head of Industry at KD
Ben Webb
Head of Industrial
A smiling caucasian man with brown hair wearing a black shirt.
Craig Wightman
Chief Design Officer