Emerging AI: I Am Echoborg

At KD, we’re always keen to understand more about the growing world of Artificial Intelligence and explore its relationship with the modern world. This winter, we welcomed I Am Echoborg to perform a show to KD to explore more.

I Am Echoborg is a live, interactive show that challenges its audience; positioning them as active participants that work together as they individually  volunteer to  step up to have an interview with the Echoborg on stage.  The audience are being interviewed for a position as an Echoborg;  a speech shadower who speaks the words of an AI. The task set for the audience participating is to engage with the self-learning AI via the Echoborg and to agree the best possible outcome for a relationship between humans and intelligent machines.

An Echoborg is a hybrid agent of Artificial Intelligence, in this instance a human who’s actions are dictated by an AI machine. Other forms of Echoborg could arguably be an Uber driver you took from the train station or an Air B & B host, as their behaviour often adapts to work in favour of an external, digital rating system.

The concept of an Echoborg was initially developed in 2015 by psychologists Kevin Corti and Alex Gillespie and is now an idea that has grown into a nationwide production. Curated by Rik Lander and Phil D Hall, I Am Echoborg intrigues audiences all over the UK, presenting new questions and new perspectives as each performance resets.

After experiencing the show first-hand our Digital Portfolio Manager, Andrew Rugg, reflects on the complex nature of trying to ‘crack’ I Am Echoborg and how this opened up the broader question of the future of human versus AI.


Different styles of thinking are encouraged to really get under the skin of the challenge to discover the best outcome for a relationship between humans and intelligent machines. I Am Echoborg gives you just enough information to get started but not too many clues that would spoil or guide the way you can engage with the Echoborg…that is up to you as an audience, you as a team.

Large audience looking at a person on stage with an 'I Am Echoborg' sign behind.

As well as ninety minutes of thought-provoking entertainment and interaction for the audience, I Am Echoborg presents a path for participants to explore and understand the issues around automation and its position within modern society. Generating a sense of questioning and a want to understand more about our future relationship with Artifical Intelligence, and what it can offer us in comparison to what it really means to be human.

You can find out more about about I Am Echoborg, where the production are featuring next and how to book them for your business here.

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