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Exciting launch of new Raspberry Pi 4

Today, Raspberry Pi has launched the next generation of its game-changing computing platform, the Raspberry Pi 4.

Whilst retaining the form factor and adaptability that epitomises the product, Pi 4 is a ground-up redesign with a host of new features and significant performance enhancements.

For full details check out Eben Upton’s blog post here.

Raspberry Pi 4 Image Range

Accompanying the Pi 4 is a brand new official case. Providing the perfect fit for the new connector arrangement, the case has a simple, bold 2-piece design, and retains the trademark white and Raspberry livery. The case also features in a re-shaped Desktop Kit providing everything needed to get started with Raspberry Pi.

Excitingly, the new product has gone on sale in Raspberry Pi’s store in Cambridge from 8am this morning.

Form an orderly queue Pi enthusiasts!

Raspberry Pi 4

We’re delighted to be continuing to support Raspberry Pi on their mission. The cases and other accessories play an important role in communicating the essence of the brand and provide a range of options for different users to access and use the product. We look forward to seeing how the amazing Raspberry Pi community adopts the new platform and its case.

John Cowan-Hughes

Senior Designer, KD

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