Good Design Award win: The Össur Rheo Knee XC

This year marks the 70th year for the Good Design Award. Since 1950, this prestigious award has been providing recognition to those leading in the global product, industrial and graphic design industries. Honouring those who have pushed for new direction within these fields and have created hallmarks of contemporary design.

From environmental design, to robotics and transportation, the Good Design Award spans across a wide variety of categories encompassing a number of areas impacted by great design. Our Good Design Award win, in partnership with Össur, is within the medical space with our team’s work on the Össur Rheo Knee XC.

Two children and a father with an Ossur Rheo Knee prosthetic walking on a train station

The Össur Rheo Knee XC is a prosthetic knee joint that helps amputees walk with ease and comfort and is an improved iteration of Össur’s Rheo.This particular product was created with a variety of users in mind, yet aimed to significantly improved upon its predecessor in terms of strength and aesthetic design.


Utilising our team’s collaborative industrial design and mechanical engineering expertise, we created a range of technically feasible concepts. Through clever technical engineering and rigorous testing – including impact, drop, static push and kneeling load tests – the casing is water and weatherproof, and reliable, aiding the day-to-day of the user tenfold. Our team also worked to integrate Bluetooth software to ensure the user can monitor use and link up to Össur’s app and enhancing user functionality.

As one of the leading prosthetic knees, we’re very pleased that the Good Design Award have awarded the Rheo Knee XC, giving this life-changing design the recognition it deserves.

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