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XXEquals: The UK’s first female-led product design initiative

Data shows that women buy 85% of household products*, yet only 5%** of the product and industrial design industry in the UK is female.

Introducing XXEquals, the UK’s first female-led, innovation & product design initiative focused on women, within Kinneir Dufort. At KD, our experts combine creative and technical expertise to deliver world-class products. We’ve been doing so for over 40 years, but we want to go further.

We believe without expert female representation throughout the innovation and design process, opportunities will be missed to leverage empathetic understanding and create compelling brands, products and experiences which include women at every stage and close the assumption gap.

Merle Hall, CEO

Kinneir Dufort

We’re driven to deliver products and experiences that are tuned to women’s needs and are fundamentally inclusive. Our aim is to close the gap between perception and reality when designing for women.

Our core XXEquals team is over 75%  female with  100% female design allies. A team of innovators, designers, engineers and makers are all driven to deliver products and experiences that are empathetic and surpass expectation. Find out more about XXEquals here.

* http://she-conomy.com/report/marketing-to-women-quick-facts

** https://www.designcouncil.org.uk/resources/report/design-economy-2018

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