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KD and Raspberry Pi win gold at DBA Design Effectiveness Awards 2018

Kinneir Dufort has won a GOLD Award for its work on Raspberry Pi Official Case at the DBA Design Effectiveness Awards 2018.

These Awards recognise projects that demonstrate design’s tangible effect on a business by drawing focus onto design’s strategic and commercial value. The Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, presented the awards at last night’s events at The Brewery in central London.

DBA KD Raspberry Pi

Samira Ahmed, host, congratulating Kinneir Dufort’s Craig Wightman, and Raspberry Pi’s Gordon Hollingworth.

Introducing the Raspberry Pi Official Case:

Raspberry Pi is a low-cost ($35), high-performance computer developed in by UK charity, the Raspberry Pi Foundation, whose mission is to put the power of digital making into the hands of people all over the world.

Our brief was to design an official case for the Raspberry Pi, that embodied the ethos of the foundation, and elegantly delivered the pragmatic and flexible functionality that the wide range of uses and users would demand and appreciate.

Now, with over 1.1million cases sold in the two years since its launch in May 2015, plus those sold for its smaller sibling the Raspberry Pi Zero, the Raspberry Pi Case has generated new revenue, opened up new ways to use the computer, and defined a new visual identity for the brand.

Raspberry Pi

Craig Wightman, CDO, Kinneir Dufort:

“We’re delighted and proud to have partnered with Raspberry Pi on their amazing journey to transform the way that computing is made available and taught to millions of people around the world.  It’s an international phenomenon and also an incredible UK success story. This award celebrates the power of what design can achieve, in combination with technology and the mission of the Raspberry Pi foundation.”


Eben Upton, CEO and Founder, Raspberry Pi:

“Every time the Pi is photographed now, it’s in the case. It’s beautiful enough to become every bit as associated with Raspberry Pi as the bare pcb. We achieved a 5% increase in Average Revenue per Unit, but it’s not just about the money, it’s about the number of people reached. It’s the mission impact that’s important.”


Deborah Dawton, Chief Executive, DBA:

“Design uniquely cuts to the heart of every business it touches. It closes the gap between business risk and market success. So when it comes to our nation’s competitiveness, infusing design universally into business should be a priority in order to drive long-term growth and economic advantage for the UK. The DBA Design Effectiveness Award winners prove why.”


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