KD strengthens relationship with Raspberry Pi as Approved Design Partner

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KD strengthens relationship with Raspberry Pi as Approved Design Partner

If you’re one of the many teams looking to leverage Raspberry Pi’s excellent range of computers to cut time to market and reduce product costs by building on an established ecosystem of hardware and software components, Kinneir Dufort, as an Approved Design Partner for Raspberry Pi, are well placed to support you.

Capabilities & Services

Custom PCB Development – Whether our clients are looking to develop highly tailored and refined solutions or develop rapid prototypes,  we develop custom electronics which build on the amazing capabilities of Raspberry Pi’s single board computers and compute modules with just the right amount of customisation to make their products stand out.

Touch Screen User Interfaces Touch screens are at the heart  of interacting with many  Pi based products.  At KD we  deliver well thought out, intuitive and beautiful  touch  user interfaces by combing the design expertise of our Digital design team  and  the deep development experience of our software engineers.

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Design – At KD we’ve been  designing products for over 40 years and  are able to  combine our deep experience of product design with our electronics development expertise to seamlessly integrate off-the-shelf solutions such as Raspberry Pi  into the heart of products without compromising their design.

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Compliance – We’ve been working with Raspberry Pi for many years now  and  can support our clients in development of Raspberry Pi based solutions from  proof-of-principle prototypes  through to  fully CE-Marked products. 

Connected Services Many products  now  form part of a connected ecosystem  including apps, web dashboards and cloud services. We believe that these ecosystems  work best for users  when designed  and developed as a  cohesive group  and this is a key part of our Digital offer at KD. 

To discuss how KD can help you to take advantage of Raspberry Pi technology in your new product development, please contact our Head of Industrial, Ben Webb: [email protected]

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Contact our Head of Industrial, Ben Webb.