Meet Jun Goh, Graduate Mechanical Engineer, joining us in August.

Jun joined KD last year as a successful applicant in our Ethnic Diversity Excellence Programme, our in-house scheme that offers third-year university students a funded 8-week placement opportunity.

During the EDE scheme, where he was mentored and coached by our team on his final year project, Jun applied to one of our engineering vacancies and was successful in securing a graduate role with us.

Read on below as we catch up and learn more about Jun, his plans for the future, and how he found his time at KD during his internship.

What do you enjoy about engineering?

I really enjoy solving interesting problems and learning more about engineering to solve complex problems. I also feel for products and systems that directly affect human users, solving engineering complications also benefits and makes life easier for people.

What are your goals for your career?

It’s hard to plan 5-10 years in the future, but for now I really want to continue to work and explore within the design engineering industry, especially with human-centred design work. I also really enjoy the creative aspect of engineering, so I want to ensure that is a big part of my career progression.

KD engineer

What have you learnt from your time with KD?

While getting help from KD for my university projects, I learnt how engineers in industry tackle design problems differently to what they teach in university. This included what design approaches to take, but also how to plan a design project effectively.

How did the internship match your expectations?

I was unsure initially what to expect with the internship, but I was able to speak with my mentor and others at KD frequently about both my university projects as well as about my career. These insights were very helpful in giving me direction and confidence in progressing my projects.


KD Ethnic Diversity Excellence interns co working

What was the best bit about working at KD?

The best bit about working at KD was the people there. Everyone was extremely generous with their time to talk to me and give me guidance with my projects. The atmosphere at KD was very friendly and I found everyone easy to approach and talk with.

Do you have any tips for students applying for internship/graduate roles?

Make sure that you curate your best university work and present it well in your project portfolio. I also think doing your research and applying to multiple companies early is key to successfully getting a role you want.

Would you recommend the EDE Programme to others and why?

I would definitely recommend the programme to others. Through this programme, you’ll be able to not only meet and network with interesting and experienced people in the industry, but KD’s guidance and advice with your university projects is a great advantage as well.

What do you like doing outside of university/work?

I really enjoy hiking in nature when the weather is good. Bath has many beautiful hiking trails to explore. Besides that, I also enjoy bouldering.

Interested in joining KD? Find out more about our Ethnic Diversity Excellence Programme here or visit our careers page to see what other opportunities we have available.