Partnering with AgPlus to accelerate a diagnosis platform

AgPlus wanted faster, more accurate patient diagnosis and targeted treatment. Our brief was to develop prototype devices for a robust laboratory analyser that would support their point-of-care diagnosis platform. The aim was to produce consistent, reliable and repeatable test results so AgPlus could run assay chemistry testing at volume.

Rapid prototyping and verification

After working with AgPlus to determine key performance criteria, we rapidly designed, built, tested and de-risked a proposed system. We then developed the process for displaying test results and integrated design concepts into a single device suitable for the lab – assembling five devices ready for volume testing.

A true partnership

Working with KD on our reader programme helped AgPlus accelerate our PoC platform development. The team were extremely professional, and the communication and interaction were fantastic, so much so that it felt like they were an extension of our in-house development team – a true partnership.

Fiona Marshall, CEO at AgPlus Diagnostics Ltd