Bosch’s first medical device

Engineering and technology company Bosch were keen to bring their expertise to the field of medical technology. They set out to develop Vivatmo, a device for measuring and monitoring nitric oxide in the bronchi.

KD joined the project to support Bosch with our medical design, user experience and human factors skills. As it was Bosch’s first medical venture, we took these areas into full consideration to design a device entirely focused on the user’s needs.

KD were very professional. There were lots of rounds of feedback and, of course, some fun! I found them very trustworthy too.

Klaus Mueller, Product Manager, Bosch Healthcare Solutions

Inquiry, collaboration and iteration

The project began with in-depth patient research. We fed our findings into the device engineering, iterating user flows and potential features to ensure it was safe and user friendly. We worked closely with Bosch at all stages, making regular overseas trips, calls and reviews.

The device is now paving the way for the future of Bosch Healthcare Solutions. It perfectly demonstrates the importance of considering user experience and human factors when designing medical devices.