A muscular man wearing a black and white Cambridge heartwear device while doing a tricep dip, set against a turquoise background

The power of wearable AI for stroke prevention

Cambridge Heartwear found a way to address the issue of unidentified atrial fibrillation. The heart condition, if left untreated, heightens the risk of stroke. They turned to KD to develop a unique device that uses AI to detect and prevent this condition.

Our team helped design the wearable device, ensuring comfort for all genders. We developed bespoke electronics and software to provide various functions. For instance, the device can read patient data and send it wirelessly for analysis in the cloud.

A turquoise Cambridge heartwear device with a black strap

Clinical trials ready for launch

HeartSense provides unprecedented levels of ECG, pulse oximetry and body temperature sensing. It detects atrial fibrillation, provides early diagnosis and prevents strokes. Patients can wear it for 24-hour periods, and it offers wireless charging.

We produced the first batch of units for Cambridge Heartwear to use in clinical trials. Our client could then gather enough evidence to take the groundbreaking technology to market.