Breaking fresh ground with an award-winning revolutionary new product

Elevating the user experience

The Commander S brings innovation to the drives market. It has best-in-class aesthetics, ease of use and reliability. It’s simple to set up via a smartphone app and can optimise power consumption by up to 90%. The structural transit packaging design also brings environmental and economic efficiency.
KD has supported Control Techniques for over 20 years, and we’re all proud of what we’ve achieved with this drive. Sales and customer feedback are already surpassing expectations.

Our challenge was to develop the industrial design for the Commander S in a way which would showcase the revolutionary design features, such as the app set-up interface. Inspired by Control Techniques’ product lineage, we created a drive with a bold shape. product to revolutionise how drives are commissioned. Its confident personality differentiates it from competitors. We achieved the company’s most efficient package by minimising components and replacing labels with laser marked graphics.