microwave probe pressed against foot

A step forward for healthy feet

Medical microwave technologists, Emblation, were creating a new ablation therapy. It would target warts, verrucas and other soft tissue conditions. Emblation needed an effective system for the treatment, so turned to KD for a solution.
Our team developed various bespoke parts to enable this, including a generator unit for the miniaturised technology. We also created a single-use tip that provides a consumable income stream. All materials used are cost-effective, look professional and keep to hygiene and handling quality requirements.

microwave generator

A design ready to manufacture

This portable, lightweight system meets the needs of podiatrists and dermatologists. The generator is easy to set up and there’s a simple activation button on the handpiece.
Swift is an innovative product offering a new, quick and precise treatment. The solution has seen great results for Emblation, with a rapid take-up in the clinical market.