Putting sleep issues to bed for young children

Baby product manufacturer, the Gro Company, tasked us to create an effective ‘wake-up’ product for young children. Their new bedroom clock needed a design that would appeal to kids and parents alike.

We collaborated with the Gro Company to ensure the design embodied their brand. Using our user experience expertise, we formed a unique interface that engages with children. We also developed the electronics and manufacturing assembly for convenient, cost-effective production.

Top-selling nursery product

The Groclock communicates wake-up time in a meaningful way. An intuitive sun and stars design lets children understand their schedules from a young age.

The clock has had great commercial success, with over 9,000 five-star ratings on Amazon. It won a DBA Design Effectiveness Award, and Gold for Best Sleep Aid and Silver for Best Nursery Accessory in the Loved by Parents Awards.