Improving hospital hygiene and preventing sample errors

tAK Analyser

BiotAK creates decontamination technology for hospital sterile services. They approached us to design and make a working prototype desktop analyser for their ‘tAK Analyser’. It needed to measure the efficacy of lab sterilisation processes using enzymes and bio-phosphorescence.

tAK Analyser prototype

Collaborative and multidisciplinary

Working closely with BiotAK, we developed key product requirements for their target market. We then built a ‘works like, looks like’ device through product design, user experience, mechanical engineering, software and electronics development, and prototyping.

Our approach integrated research, design and development. As well as creating a test rig and robust prototype for demos and trials, we supported a trusted third-party manufacturer in building devices for an extended customer trial. We could then provide BiotAK with a highly accurate prototype device ready to use.