Raspberry Pi

Indisputably Raspberry Pi

Our long-time client, Raspberry Pi, wanted to complete its product family. The new items needed to embody the brand’s mission to provide low-cost, high-performance products, making computing accessible to all.

We worked closely with Raspberry Pi and the manufacturer to ensure products met brand expectations. This included a mouse and compact keyboard that work flexibly with various other products. We also designed and manufactured bespoke, durable cables.

KD Raspberry Pi team

Embodying the brand mission

The products have a robust, high-quality feel despite their low price. The distinctive form and white and raspberry colour scheme (also available in black and grey for those less…raspberry!), along with other signature details, reinforce the brand’s message.

Eben Upton, Founder and CEO, Raspberry Pi

We achieved a 5% increase in average revenue per unit, but it’s not just about the money, it’s about the number of people reached. It’s the mission impact that’s important.

Eben Upton, Founder and CEO, Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Store

Raspberry Pi store

The product family was launched in the new Raspberry Pi store, with the keyboard and mouse completing the starter kit. It has been enthusiastically received by the Raspberry Pi community across education, industry and home settings worldwide.