Vision RT CAD

Targeting accuracy in the global fight against cancer

Vision RT’s optical patient alignment technology is often used in radiation therapy. The system needed a new design, so Vision RT asked KD for support. Our challenge included tight costs and low production volume constraints.

Together with Vision RT, we defined specifications and scope. Our teams developed various concepts for the high-value, high-tech system. We also made sure to keep within the cost and production margins.

3D CAD of align rt

An ongoing partnership

Through 3D CAD development, rapid prototyping and testing, we validated the design and reduced risk. We provided full manufacturing support, with ongoing in-house manufacturing and component supply.

The Align RT system improves radiotherapy efficacy, safety and comfort. One in ten cancer treatments worldwide uses this technology. Most of the US’ top 50 cancer centres have Align RT, and the system was a MacRobert Award Finalist in 2017.