Building an IoT network to empower smart cities

Toshiba and South Gloucestershire Council partnered on project UMBRELLA, a global-first internet of things (IoT) network. KD’s task was to develop a multi-radio smart sensor for the platform to suit indoor and outdoor environments.

Our teams worked hard to support the project’s mission of helping councils tackle poor air quality. We optimised sensor effectiveness through airflow simulations and took a modular approach to each sensor pod, enabling simple custom network solutions. We also produced casing that’s easy to assemble while meeting required IP ratings.

Two men in suits, one of them is holding a white Toshiba prototype

Testing in real-world environments

KD provided Toshiba with an initial prototype for testing the system before going into full product development. Our close collaboration throughout meant a fast turnaround, despite challenging deadlines and budgets.

The project uncovered various opportunities, from robotics to enhancing warehouse and factory operations using 5G. More commissions are in the pipeline and we’re excited to see UMBRELLA’s impact on UK air quality.