New connections for modern cities

Veea Systems’ new technology provides unparalleled wireless connectivity. It’s designed for three diverse environments – offices, outdoors and railways. Veea asked KD to help bring the products to market, with a challenge to keep costs low.

We worked with Veea on three simultaneous development programmes. After selecting concepts, we detailed designs in 3D CAD. Our teams carried out targeted prototyping and testing throughout. This ensured we delivered designs on time, to spec and ready for volume manufacture.

Fast-tracked development

Each environment brought varied challenges. We used thermal modelling for different concepts and eliminated the need for cooling fans, reducing manufacturing costs. Then we built the first units with support from trusted suppliers, assembling and testing in house.
The outcome was an innovative turnkey solution. Our collaborative work enabled Veea – an agile, rapidly growing startup – to bring three very different products to market in only six months.