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Raspberry Pi opens its first store in Cambridge

Not content with reimagining what computing means for schoolkids, digital makers and industrialists, Raspberry Pi today bucked trends in retail by opening its first high street store.

The store, in Cambridge’s Grand Arcade, is intended to provide an outlet for anyone curious to find out more about the multitude of uses for the low-cost credit-card sized computer.  Inside, as well as being able to browse and purchase a range of products and accessories, customers can engage in several “project zones” which showcase different ways to get started with Raspberry Pi, whether with the popular Scratch or Python coding languages, or building games, emulators and media players.  There is also ample space to experiment with a range of different products and ask questions of the in-store team.

Raspberry Pi Store

The opening of the store also sees the launch of a new starter kit, including the new official Raspberry Pi keyboard and mouse designed by KD in collaboration with the Raspberry Pi team.  Continuing with the ethos of providing low-cost, high quality products, the keyboard retails at £18 and the mouse at £7. 

KD also collaborated with the Pi team on the store design concept. 

It’s very exciting to see Raspberry Pi achieve another great landmark and it will be interesting to see how this bold use of retail will help to build awareness and support communication of the Raspberry Pi mission. 

As well as the store, the KD team have been delighted to support Raspberry Pi on the design of a number of new recent products including the 3A+ case, the new starter kit and the new official keyboard and mouse. These products should contribute valuable additional income for the Foundation, and equally importantly, will help to encourage access and extend the reach of the products and brand to a broader user group.

Chief Design Officer, Craig Wightman


Raspberry Pi Foundation is a UK-based charity that works to put the power of computing and digital making in the hands of people all over the world. Launched in 2012, over 25 million Raspberry Pi computers have now been sold, making it the UK’s all-time top-selling computer.


You can read more about this exciting move into retail for Raspberry Pi from WIRED and the BBC News.

If you would like to visit, discover more    here and follow the latest news on the store from our friends at Raspberry Pi here.

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