Stay Relevant, Stay Ahead: A webinar with Kinneir Dufort

Stay Relevant, Stay Ahead: A webinar with Kinneir Dufort

Healthcare that is designed for the disease and not people at the centre is going to be left behind.

New players are disrupting established healthcare models. In this talk we will share how we believe you can stay relevant in a rapidly changing world. People’s expectations of services and product experiences are rising, leaving organisations and brands no choice, but to keep up.

In this talk, Kinneir Dufort’s Head of Design, Niall McRiner and Head of Insight and Innovation, Kelly Dawson, will demonstrate how we bring clarity to the early stages of innovation, providing ways to stay relevant and stay ahead.

The talk will be followed by a Q&A with the audience.

This is an open webinar, and we invite you to join us for free by registering on the following link.

Full event details

Time: 4 – 5pm GMT

Location: Online (After registering a webinar link will be sent 24 hours prior to the event)

Registration link: Book your place here

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