Design for Learning & Play


Design an official case for the Raspberry Pi to embody the ethos of the foundation and elegantly deliver pragmatic, flexible functionality

  • Design
  • Manufacturing Support
  • Prototyping


  • 1.1 million units sold (between launch in May 2015 to Dec 2017)
  • Creation of visual & brand identity
  • Product line extension with Pi Zero & Zero W cases (133,000 units sold in the first two months since launch)
  • £725,000 contributed for the Pi's charitable Foundation
  • Winner of ‘Gold’ at DBA Design Effectiveness Awards 2018

Design Strategy

Collaboration with Raspberry Pi to uncover key opportunity areas and attributes that would make the case design ownable & unique.

Concept Generation

Range of conceptual designs created, focussing on emphasizing accessibility & visibility of electronics; celebrating brand personality of learning and imagination.

The design team we wanted for this pivotal project had to have an understanding of what Raspberry Pi was all about, an enthusiasm for helping us realise our vision and a wealth of experience we could depend upon. That team was Kinneir Dufort.

Eben Upton, CEO,

Raspberry Pi


Bringing the selected concept design to life, helping craft functionality and aesthetics.

Manufacturing Support

Assisted with a full programme of design for manufacture, defining the final design & liaising with manufacturing partners.

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