Enhancing the NIVEA MEN brand with defined design principles​


We were challenged to define design principles for NIVEA MEN, where we co-created with consumers and experts to inspire and influence our thinking.

  • Design
  • Innovation


  • The design principles were applied and activated on 'protect & care' packaging that launched in market in 2020.

What we did


Co-Creation Session

Exploring inspirational territories and starting points with experts and  male consumers. Experts included a barber & Instagram influencer, a  silversmith and jewellery maker.

Design Principles

Creating a set of initial design principles and visual expressions based on co-creation learnings, to understand when use of specific materials  was appropriate or not.

Consumer Engagement

Testing the design principles through consumer research in the UK.

Design Guidelines

Summarising the learnings through packaging guidelines, indicating  how best to apply the principles for new products and pack designs.

Find out more?

Contact our Head of Consumer, Elena Massucco.