Indisputably “Raspberry Pi”


Having successfully built up its range of official cases for the Pi 3B, Pi 3A+ and Pi Zero, Raspberry Pi wanted to produce an official keyboard and mouse, embodying the ethos and spirit of the brand and its mission: providing low-cost, high-performance products making computing and digital making accessible to all.

  • Design
  • Design for Manufacture
  • Engineering
  • Prototyping


  • Launched in the new Raspberry Pi store
  • Provides “complete starter kit” of Raspberry Pi components
  • Compact and competitively low-cost
  • Available in multiple language variants
  • Enthusiastically received by the Raspberry Pi community in education, industry and in homes worldwide
Raspberry Pi Keyboard Mouse in use


Using a compact, laptop-style matrix, the keyboard is minimally sized providing great versatility and efficiency of storage e.g. in school classrooms.


With 3 USB sockets the keyboard acts as a flexible hub supporting a wide range of connected configurations with Raspberry Pi products and other accessories, enabling integration into a wide range of usage settings and projects. Wired products were specified to provide compatibility with all Raspberry Pi products and to ensure availability at the lowest price.

High Quality
True to the ethos of the foundation, the keyboard and mouse have a robust, high-quality feel despite their low price. KD worked closely with Raspberry Pi and the manufacturing team to ensure that the products look and feel matched the expectation of the brand and the Raspberry Pi community. This extended to design and manufacture of bespoke cables, specified for durability.

Raspberry Pi Store

Starter Kit

In combination with the Raspberry Pi 3B, official case, power supply, and Getting Started book, the keyboard and mouse complete the new starter kit currently sold exclusively in the Raspberry Pi store in Cambridge.

Raspberry Pi Keyboard Mouse close up

Indisputably “Raspberry Pi”

The distinctive form, and White and Raspberry colour scheme*, along with details such as the Raspberry key and details moulded into the cables, reinforce communication of the brand and core message.

* Also available in black & grey for those less… raspberry..!

Raspberry Pi Store

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