Everything Connected: Next Generation Cloud Computing


Apply Veea Systems’ cutting edge wireless technology across three diverse operational environments – office based, outdoor hubs and onboard rail

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Prototyping


  • Providing a turnkey solution for product development
  • Enabled an agile, rapidly growing company to bring three very different products to market in the space of 6 months
VEEA Smart Cities Casework


Understanding the needs of and supporting an innovative start-up partner to help bring new technology to market.

VEEA Systems

Engineering Challenge

The varied environmental requirements presented very different engineering challenges and demanded three different approaches to developing the mechanical configurations. Using thermal modelling and analysis, KD were able to generate concepts for varying core architectures, dissipating up to 50W of heat by passive cooling. By eliminating the need for cooling fans, the designs benefit from reduced manufacturing costs, improved reliability, better ingress protection and enhanced aesthetics.

VEEA Systems

Fast-Track Development

Once the best design configurations and core architectures were identified, KD embarked upon three concurrent development programmes. Selection of preferred design concepts, triggered the start of detailed design in 3D CAD. Targeted prototyping and testing, throughout the programme, ensured the designs were delivered on time and met all the requested input specifications and in readiness for volume manufacture.

Smart Office
VEEA Systems Electronics


The programme benefited from our network of external suppliers and manufacturing partners. Using our network of external suppliers KD managed the build of the first batch of units, assembling and testing in house for delivery to client.

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