Feeling Without Touching - A Remarkable Connection with Technology


Ultrahaptics’ breakthrough haptic technology creates the sensation of touch in mid-air using ultrasound, without the need for controllers or wearables. KD’s challenge was to support this ambitious and rapidly growing company in developing its technology into compelling and commercially attractive solutions

  • Design
  • Prototyping
  • Software & Electronics


  • Helping Ultrahaptics build up a diverse, global customer portfolio across multiple markets
  • Successful product launches including key products on Ultrahaptics’ new STRATOS platform
  • Ultrahaptics is now an international team of over 100 people and has raised $40 million in investment

Technology size reduction

Conveying the potential for the technology by taking an early-principle prototype and translating it into an eight-layer, highly complex, yet approachable development kit.


Rapid and repeated design manifestations of new potential applications to convince brands and businesses of the value of haptics in interfaces, immersive experiences and installations, whilst developing a physical brand language where none had existed before.


Deployment of high-level prototyping to manifest multiple demonstrators for both targeted and mass appeal applications, used to engage users at public exhibitions and face-to-face business negotiations.

Kinneir Dufort supported us on our journey from early-stage prototype to a commercially available haptic technology

Tom Carter


Production development

Development of early product demonstrators with high potential into mass-manufacturable, production-optimised, brand-aligned, functional products for sale to developers and installers of high-value branded environments.

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