Global asset monitoring & security


Supporting Honeywell to create a product for tracking multi-million-pound assets across the globe

  • Software & Electronics


  • The system was rigorously developed and tested to the stage where all certifications and sign offs were achieved, ready for transfer to manufacture


Developing a system to allow businesses to track and manage fixed and mobile assets such as trailers, containers, and railcars, anywhere in the world.

Honeywell Asset Tracking


KD worked with Honeywell to understand the requirements for a product and identify optimal technologies for the solution.

Design Development

KD designed the electronics for the system using highly accurate multi-constellation GNSS receivers to monitor asset location. The system also includes both Iridium satellite and cellular 2G and 3G modems to ensure truly worldwide communications. The system was carefully power optimised to achieve several months of operation between charges.


Test & Transfer to Manufacture

We worked closely with manufacturers and accredited test house partners to ensure compliance with a range of global regulatory standards and optimise the design for manufacture.


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