Rapid Development of World’s First All-Wireless Smart Cell


'AirUnity’ is a best-in-class indoor telecommunications device, for high speed wireless communication. KD were asked to undertake the rapid design and development of external casework and internal mechanical chassis for the world’s first all-wireless small cell

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Prototyping


  • AirUnity launched in 2017, just six months after initial concept discussions
  • Ability to improve download speeds in offices from 110% to 650% http://newsroom.sprint.com/sprint-magic-box-gains-momentum.htm
  • Despite being originally intended solely for business use, demand has exceeded expectations and AirUnity is now offered to the consumer market; increasing revenue and reach
  • Winner of the Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough Award at the Mobile World Congress GLOMO Awards
  • Ability to enhance indoor and outdoor network coverage by up to 300% http://www.airspan.com/airunity/

Establish Global Teams

Linking Airspan with appropriate manufacturing partners, who alongside the team at KD, provided the opportunity for round-the-clock working, saving time and resource.

Concept Generation

Defining and generating concept ideas based on a collaborative vision of a clean, modern design. Furthermore, creating a scalable design solution enabling future growth potential; which was soon realised after product launch.

Airspan AirUnity

Rapid Development

As manufacturing feedback was received from China, the KD team responded rapidly and fed back to the teams ready for the next working day. We integrated the Airspan team’s communication technology with KD’s design and engineering capability.



Enhancing user experience through prototyping; we built wireframe prototype devices to test optimal locations for typical users, iterating and progressing based on feedback.

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