Eakin Healthcare: Pelican ModaVi


Rethinking and redesigning ostomy pouches for style, comfort and confidence.

  • Design
  • Human Factors
  • Innovation


  • Significant range of new and unique features built directly on user insights
  • Strongly positive reaction from users and healthcare professionals
  • Smooth transition to production achieved


Ostomy product specialists Eakin Healthcare Group asked KD to work closely with end users and their product, engineering and production teams to support the development of a brand new range of ostomy pouches with the goal of achieving new levels of comfort, convenience and practicality.

Co-created with end users

KD spoke with a wide range of users to understand what comfort meant for them. Informed by these insights, we revisited users to test ideas and build optimal product concepts.

Iteratively developed and tested

Working collaboratively, KD supported the Eakin Healthcare team in developing prototyping and testing the designs to ensure that the product functionality delivered against user needs.

User-centric features

The new pouches include a large viewing window under a lift-up flap, providing a clear view for positioning the bag on the stoma and monitoring the output. The discretion fold feature allowed the bag to be minimised for occasions when discreetness is important.

The way you can secure it completely in half made it feel tiny when I was wearing it, really discreet, you couldn't see it under my clothes. It just made me feel a lot more confident.

ModaVi user

Colours and materials

A key user insight related to the benefit of matching to underwear and clothing  and led to the creation of a black option. The new fabric is light, smooth and comfortable against the skin and quick-drying.

“Black just feels less medical and more everyday – like your underwear.” – ModaVi user

Size and shape

Users told us how important it was to them, so we worked closely with the Eakin Healthcare team to test and refine the shape as the bag filled, helping users maintain control and confidence throughout the day.

“It really holds its shape well, it’s a unique stylish design, it doesn’t fill up too wide, it’s not hanging down.” – ModaVi user

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