Quantitative Point of Care Diagnostics


To develop a robust laboratory analyser which could be used by AgPlus to aid the development of their quantitative Point of Care platform which enables faster, more accurate diagnosis and targeted treatment.

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Software & Electronics
  • UI


  • Delivery of multiple prototype devices that produce consistent, reliable and repeatable test results allowing AgPlus to run volume testing of assay chemistry.
  • Stable test platform allowing AgPlus to focus on the refinement of assay chemistry.
  • Test result accuracy across devices exceeded AgPlus expectation.

Requirements Capture

Working closely with AgPlus to capture formal user and product requirements to specify key performance criteria to provide a basis for the device design and verification.

Concept Design and Test

Detailed CAD design and rapid prototype build of discrete rigs to allow testing to de-risk key electromechanical features of the proposed system including fluid dispensing, electro-chemistry activation and electrical interface to existing assay cartridge. Design and development of device control electronics and firmware, and PC Application software to provide the user interface and process and display test assay results. Key performance of the discrete rigs measured against the criteria stated in the product requirements.

Refinement and integration of concept electro-mechanical rig designs into single device suitable for laboratory assay testing. Rapid prototyping and assembly of 5 devices to allow volume testing of assay chemistry. Development of Verification Plan to test the assembled devices against the user and product requirements.

Verification Testing

Verification of the assembled devices and PC Application software against the acceptance criteria in the Verification Plan to ensure consistent operation within the stated tolerances.

Product Release

Delivery of verified 5 laboratory test devices. Generation and supply of product data pack containing software and electronics design and manufacturing data, 3D CAD, verification results, and software.

Working with KD on our reader program helped AgPlus accelerate our PoC platform development. The team at KD were extremely professional and the communication and interaction was fantastic, so much so that it felt like they were and extension of our in house development team - a true partnership.

Fiona Marshall, CEO

AgPlus Diagnostics Ltd

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