20 years of diabetes care support

Roche is a global leader in the diabetes care market. Their high-quality products are easy to use and provide accurate results. Almost 20 years ago, Roche came to KD for support with human-centred designs. The partnership has thrived ever since.

Our work always focuses on collaboration and user insight. We help Roche deliver strategic innovation programmes, addressing challenges and uncovering opportunities. We also work with healthcare professionals and people with diabetes to understand their needs in depth.


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KD Digital Team

Successful pipeline of market solutions

Our teams support Roche throughout the design process, from strategy to execution. We help deliver user appeal across all digital and physical products. We’ve also developed their strong brand identity.
Today, Roche has a superior portfolio of blood glucose monitoring products. They enable holistic diabetes management through technology, improving medical outcomes. Our collaborative work has won many awards, including iF and Red Dot.